Dead fish barges – 62 m3

Ensilage barge with a capacity to grind up to 12 MT of fish per hour. DF-L62 is certified in accordance with NS 9415 and has a storage capacity of 62 m3 divided on two tanks.Patented internationally.

Product specifications:

Materials: Built in maintenance friendly composite. Resistant to chemicals and corrosion.

Protection: Industry approved epoxy is used on the exterior for easy cleaning. Industry approved paint is used inside the storage tanks.

Environment: Recyclable materials.

Weight and size: Barge size: L x W x H: 9.03 x 5.4 x 2.5 meters. Freeboard: Empty 2.37 m, Loaded 0.97 m. Weight: 4 MT. Easy to tow and transport on land.

Functions: Mixers and grinder with a capacity of 6 or 12 MT per hour depending on type chosen. 2 hinged tank lids with hatches. Barge aggregate included.

Safety: Aluminum railings with chains in stainless steel. 1 piece of lifebuoy and ladder. 2 bollards, one on each side. Unsinkable and stable. D fenders on one side.

User friendly: User handbook and stability calculations are included with delivery.

Optional: Deck crane and a transport belt / lift (1000 L) can be added if required.