Effective ensilage barges

Havsterk’s ensilage barges lead to easy, hygienic and efficient handling of dead fish in close proximity to the net pens. The barges are equipped with a crane, grinder with automatic introduction of acid, submersible mixer and tanks for storage of ensilage. We offer three different ensilage barges depending on size: DF-L62, DF100 and DF200. The many benefits of using Havsterk’s barges are summarized below:

  • Large capacity and quick treatment: Our modules can handle 6 to 12 MT an hour of dead fish (depending on which model you choose).
  • Sanitation benefits: reduction of spills/mess and less contact between farmer and fish during handling. The easy, quick handling reduces the risk of spreading diseases and odor.
  • Mobile and accessible: The modules float on water and are easy to tow. The proximity to the net pens enables quick destruction of the fish with the least amount of labor.
  • Environmentally friendly: The modules are made of composite, which is more environmentally friendly than traditional materials. Additionally, the modules can be recirculated at the end of their lifecycle. You can read more about Havsterk’s environmental profile here.
  • Unsinkable and maintenance free: The barges cannot sink, no matter the weather, due to the light materials they are made of. They also require little to no maintenance as the modules are built of composites, and they are easy to keep clean.
  • Acid-resistant: The composite is acid-proof and a lack of holes and pores in the material hinders formation of bacteria.