Multifunctional service boats

HAVtruck is part of our patent pending concept for efficient processing of dead fish. HAVtruck can cover the need for personnel transport and daily maintenance tasks. Havsterk also offers a smaller vessel (HAVtruck JR) and a larger vessel (Sendingen ІІІ) with dead fish processing and patented storage tanks, in which the latter vessel also has a deck crane.

Size: L.O.A.: 10 m. Width: 4.8 m. Freeboard: 0.55 m.

Speed: Depending on choice of motor: 8-25 knots.

Ensilage system: 2 m3 ensilage tank with a hydraulic grinder pump and automatic dosage and inclusion of acid (200 L acid tank). Via your own lift-up system and drainage, the fish can go directly into the ensilage tank. The dead fish is processed onsite and can be pumped into an external storage tank.

Deck crane: Up to 5.0 t/m.

Miscellaneous: Diesel tanks: 2 x 350 L. Unique fender system. Capstan 3 MT.

Material: Maintenance friendly composite.

Optional: Type of motor and wheelhouse per request.

Built in accordance with the Nordic Boat Standard.