Multifunctional service boats

Havsterk’s multifunctional service vessels represent an exciting innovation in the fish farming industry. Gone are the days when farmers had to collect the dead fish in buckets and containers and transport them to an on-land mixing facility. Havsterk’s service vessels are tailored to handle and eliminate dead fish, and represent a welcome tool for farmers. Equipped with an automatic grinder system, which grinds the fish and automatically adds acid to the mix, the vessels are essential to efficient fish farm operation. With their many benefits, HAVtruck and HAVtruck Jr can replace the smaller vessels used today:

  • Sanitation benefits: The vessels are equipped with a tank, hydraulic grinder pump, which also empties the tank, and an acid tank. Immediately after the fish are placed in the tank, one can automatically grind them and add acid, onsite.
  • Easier work: With your own lift and a system in which the fish are placed in the tank, the days have ended of performing physically challenging lifts of buckets with dead fish – and there is minimal direct contact with the fish. When the tank is full one can transport the ensilage and pump it through the hydraulic grinder pump into the closest storage tank. The vessels are equipped with crane and capstan to simplify the daily tasks on a fish farm.
  • Strength and low weight: The HAVtruck is built with vacuum infusion – a technique which gives durability and low weight. The boat is sprayed with Puracoat, which has been used offshore for decades on equipment exposed to adverse weather conditions. The product is a homogenous coating sprayed on the ship’s side with a thickness of 3-5 mm, making the vessel more robust than standard glass fiber currently used in the industry.
  • Smooth and versatile: The vessels are easy to maneuver, and can reach a speed of 30 knots depending on size. The HAVtrucks are smaller and lighter than typical service vessels and therefore make routine work very easy without having to use a large vessel.
  • Environmentally friendly: The boats are made of composite, which is more environmentally friendly than traditional materials. Additionally, the boats can be recirculated at the end of their lifecycle. You can read more about Havsterk’s environmental profile here.