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Serviceboats, feed- and dead fish barges

HAVSTERK AS is a cutting-edge innovator and supplier of service vessels, feed barges and dead fish barges which can effectively handle dead fish in the fish farming industry. The name “Havsterk” is Norwegian, and directly translated it means “Ocean Strong” – a fitting name as our products are made in special consideration of the environment, good hygiene, strength and durability.

After nearly thirty years of experience in the fish farming industry, Alex Vassbotten had developed promising ideas on how to simplify the challenging, daily tasks that occur at a salmon and trout farm. Alex is owner and CEO of Steinvik Fiskefarm AS, a family-owned company in Norway with an annual production of 10,000 MT of fish. Combined with the Mundal Group’s expertise, specialists on design and development of innovative composite vessels, Alex’s ideas were realized through the establishment of Havsterk AS.

Today, Havsterk offers customized innovations for handling of dead fish and ensilage. Our products enable you to dispose of dead fish in a much easier way than current methods, and can more effectively hinder spreading of diseases. Our service vessels and dead fish barges are equipped with a crane, mixer and grinder and an automatic system for adding formic acid. Additionally, Havsterk’s products are made of composite – a strong material which is more environmentally friendly and requires less maintenance than traditional materials.