Innovative feed barges

Havsterk’s feed barges are made of the sturdy material composite, cannot sink and are equipped with ensilage tanks for storage of dead fish. We offer HAV220, HAV300 and HAV400, all of which have been customized to the fish farming industry. The greatest benefit of HAV feed barges is that they require little to no maintenance. More benefits are summarized below:

  • Little to no maintenance: During five years of continuous operation at Steinvik Fish Farm, Havsterk’s feed barges have not required any painting or maintenance on the hull and superstructure, despite adverse weather conditions.
  • Easy to keep clean: The smooth surface makes it easy to clean organism growth underneath the hull by professional divers after each production cycle.
  • Effective sound isolation: No noise from the aggregate or blowers can be heard in the living room.
  • Keeps the heat: Solid heat insulation hinders loss of heat in the winter.
  • Lightweight and unsinkable: Due to their light materials (composite-sandwich), it is easy to tow the barges to anywhere you please and they are unsinkable despite of adverse weather.
  • Calm and strong, even in bad weather: The barges maintain calm movements during unsteady water.
  • Easy passage and spacious decks: Easy passage around the whole barge, and spacious decks on each side of the barge.
  • Easy to moor: Three double mooring tubes on each bow allow stable and safe mooring, which is essential as composite barges are lighter than steel barges.
  • Ensilage tanks: The ensilage tanks in the feed barges, make it unnecessary to bring the dead fish on land.
  • Environmentally friendly: The modules are made of composite, which is more environmentally friendly than traditional materials. The modules can be recirculated at the end of their lifecycle. You can read more about Havsterk’s environmental profile here.