HAV 300

Feed barges – 300 m3

HAV300 can store up to 300 MT of feed, is certified in accordance with NS 9415, and has afeed capacity of 480 m3 divided on four silos.

Product specifications:

Size: Greatest length: 28 m. Greatest width: 10.5 m. Weight: 69 MT. Freeboard: Empty 3.0 m, Loaded 1.75 m. Easy to tow and transport on land.

Centrally mounted silos: 4 x 120 m3.

Ensilage tank: 40 m3 with mixers.

Diesel tank: 1 x 40 m3.

Materials: Maintenance friendly composite. Resistant to chemicals and corrosion.

Environment: Recyclable materials.

Safety: Aluminum railings with chains in stainless steel. 2 lifebuoys and 2 ladders. 6 bollards. Unsinkable and stable. D fenders on both sides.

Protection: Industry approved epoxy is used on the exterior for easy cleaning. Industry approved paint is used inside the storage tanks.